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Building Bridges Out of Poverty

Upcoming Events

Check back often for more upcoming events and trainings.

Fall Getting Ahead Classes

We will be having two Getting Ahead classes this fall starting mid August.  This will accommodate 24 participants.

Day One Trainings for Starkville Electric

The Day One training classes will being in April for Starkville Electric.

What is Starkville Bridges?

Starkville Bridges breaks down existing paradigms about poverty and seeks to bridge the middle-class with low-income citizens, so they can understand and learn each other’s hidden rules for the overall betterment of the community.

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How We Help

The Getting Ahead class works with 10-15 individuals from the community to help them understand their current situations, what their ideal situations would be and how to build resources to arrive at those ideal situations.

The Moving Ahead Master’s program allies the Getting Ahead class graduates with middle-class community members.

Getting Ahead Master’s Program